April 3, 2014

DiY Spring Wreath

A neighbor of mine had a super-cute wreath on her door that I'm guessing was about $40. I knew I could make one like that for less than half the price so I set out on a mission... "Project Cheap Spring Wreath!"

My supplies:

- Wreath $1.50 at JoAnn's (used 50% off coupon in app)
- Chevron burlap ribbon $3 at Hobby Lobby (all ribbon 50% off)
- 3 flowers and 2 butterflies $1 each at Dollar Tree

This took me approximately 5min to assemble with nothing but a hot glue gun (tip- don't take the plastic off of the wreath, just wrap the ribbon around it):

And here it is in all of it's glory on my front door:

Grand Total: $8.50 

April 2, 2014

Recap of My First Race

Something that I never thought I would do, but put on my bucket list to do...

That's kinda weird. So, I've never liked to run, actually, that's an understatement. Unless playing indoor soccer, I hate running. Like despise it so much I would rather do laundry and dishes than run. But for some weirdo reason, I decided since I ran a 7min mile at the age of 20, I needed to do it at the age of 30. So thus I started training to reach my goal of a 7min mile. Only prob... I thought I was 30 when doing this, but I'm actually 31. That sucks. Where the heck has time gone???? Geez!

Ok, so I conquered my 7min mile. Well, really it was 7min 1sec mile, but who's counting. This is how I trained: ran 1mile, jumped off, looked at the time, tried again the next week. Why would I ever run more than one? Have you ever seen a smiling runner when driving by or walking by one? Yeah, me neither. So if I'm gonna hate my life for approximately 7min, I'm not doing any more than that. Then one day I watched to stupid Bachelor and saw the glow-in-the-dark run they did on a date. That show is so addictively horrific, I mean seriously. What a waste of time! Good thing I read all of the spoilers on the first night- Thanks Reality Steve!!!

Yeah, so back to what caught my attention: glow-in-the-dark 5k. As someone that's totally into fashion, these glow-in-the-dark outfits were something that I really needed sport. And the best reason to be wearing all these glow-in-the-dark accessories is at a glow-in-the-dark race. Thus a 5k made it's way onto my bucket list. As of March 29, 2014, the FireFly Run, I am no longer a race virgin. I did it. Completed it. Looked good doing it, and never want to run in Texas again! (explanation below).

Here's my race documentation:

Very important information- my TuTu lights up! You can't tell in the pics, but it did and does blink. Everyone that saw it freaked out!

Results of my first race: 
- 150th out of 949
- 20th in my age division
- 8:46 pace

Thoughts during my first race. I did the first 1.5miles fine. Really needed some water at that halfway mark. After the halfway mark, I couldn't breathe, like at all. Something you may not know about me- I'm allergic to Texas air, like severely. I thought allergy season was almost over, uhhh NO! From 1.5-2.75 I felt like I might die, then I felt like I might not die and just wanted to see the finish line. The only problem with that was that it was really dark, and you couldn't see much. I finished, found my hubster and kid, then left immediately. I started sneezing right when I hit the parking lot. Sneezed 256 times in a row. Freaked out my kid. Got home. Sneezed a million times more. Ate an avocado. Did my neti pot and took a bunch of Benadryl. I haven't stopped sneezing 4 days later ;(

The only way I'll be able to run a 5k in Texas again is if it's indoors! So, after all of that drama, I wanna do a 5k again.... SAY WHAT???? Yeah this Cray Cray wants to be able to beat my time and get closer to what I can run indoors, which is way faster than 8:46! Let me know if you have any suggestions for 5k's in Kansas City anytime or Arizona in June. I'll check it out.

March 27, 2014

How to see NYC in 3 days or Less...

Well, it was actually 2 days because the Super Bowl took up the 3rd day...

My Amazing, hard-working, bad-A husband won 2 tickets to the Super Bowl with an all expenses paid 3 night stay in NYC through his job. He's obviously really good at what he does- I am so proud of him!!! This trip was literally a dream come true, and our first trip away without the baby. So it was really incredible. I researched where we were staying and took to Pinterest, Yelp and everywhere else online to see what all we could do in a short amount of time. I'm also a very frugal person, so I stuck with stuff that wasn't outrageously priced and within walking or subway distance.

We totally got blessed with great weather. The day of the Super Bowl was actually 50 degrees. It was beautiful seeing NYC with snow and not have to freeze to death while enjoying it. This was my first time ever to NYC. It was such an unbelievable trip- I wanna go back SUPER-BAD! I wanted to share how we saw NYC in basically a little over 2 days, the 3rd day we spent doing Super Bowl activities. We did the most we could in that very short amount of time. I felt like we really got to experience a lot, and honestly, I just want to go back to eat and drink coffee.

Oh, and this will basically be a photo tour so enjoy :)

Friday Evening-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Times Square

We were actually in Chinatown on Chinese New Year. It was really fun to see all of the aftermath post day-time celebrations. Great NY Noodletown was highly recommended by our local hotel check-in guy as a legit, hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant. It definitely lived up to our expectations. Very small, but very good!

Off of Times Square on our way to see Lion King...

Loved our soy, salted caramel lattes! Such a cute place. Great to escape the craziness of Times Square. The cups were cool too ;)

LiON KiNG!!!
Can't take many pics once you're here. I've been wanting to see this Broadway production for over a decade! It surpassed my expectations and was amazing! I really want to see it again. We went to the ticket office 3hrs before the Friday night show. Got 2 tickets, 5 rows from the stage, directly in the middle for $100 a piece. Honestly, I thought this was crazy since I had just seen the same tickets online for $270/person. This show made my trip!


Rockefeller Plaza

Great traditional Italian Coffee!

Central Park

Belvedere Castle in Central Park

American Museum of Natural History
Night at the Museum!!! So I was kinda disappointed because they didn't have all of the exhibits from the movie, and said that a lot of the stuff in the movie was specific to the movie, not actually in the museum- boo! I wanted to see Attila the Hun ;( Something to note about this museum- the "suggested rate" is $27/person. This is suggested, meaning there is no required rate. If you wanted to pay $1, you could and they wouldn't blink an eye. Why I think this is great- this allows all walks of life to be able to see and appreciate history. I think it's a brilliant idea! I decided that $11/person was fair for us since we didn't have much time to spend there. The cashier was like "great!"



5th Avenue- where the rich and fancy live

So after this we went to Serendipity. We've been to other locations in Vegas and Miami, but decided to try out the original. They wait wasn't long so we got in, had our frozen hot chocolate and left. Since I've had this deliciously sinful dessert several other times, apparently I didn't feel the need to document it... oops! We switched rooms in the hotel- Westin Grand Central Station (highly recommend) so that we could get a King bed. Then we took off for the evening.

Top of the Rock (Rockefeller)

Ice Skating- Rockefeller Plaza 

Ninos 46
A truly tasteful, classy Italian restaurant in the heart of NYC that serves fantastic gluten-free pasta. Can't tell you how thankful I was to be able to have real Italian food in NYC. This place is not solely GF, just has a menu for special people like me. The chef came out and spoke to me asking questions before he made the meal, he actually is Celiac. It was terrific! Great service, awesome hospitality and quality food. Will def be back there when in NYC.

Little Italy

One of the oldest bakeries in Little Italy. Delicious mini cannolis and espresso.

After this, we got lost on the Subways and then decided we needed to go to bed... I highly recommend getting "New York Subway Map" app, which I got after it took us forever to figure out how to get back to our hotel. Of course you need to map your route above ground as there's really not service below. This paid off big time the next day and wish I would have gotten it sooner. Really accurate, awesome app to get your where you're going on the subway.


Chelsea/Meat Packing District

La Bonbonniere
The BEST diner breakfast EVER! You know you're eating good breakfast when the NYPD pull up to eat. Awesome, authentic diner food. I had an avocado omelet and it was fantastic! (I know, I know... even making healthy choices at a diner)

Think. Coffee
Great coffee house. I ordered a cup of their pure coffee that is made by the cup. It had great body and flavor. I drink coffee straight up, so I can tell you what's good coffee ;)

Chelsea Market

High Line
The High Line is a 1-mile New York City linear park built on a 1.45-mile section of the elevated former New York Central Railroad spur called the West Side Line, which runs along the lower west side of Manhattan; it has been redesigned and planted as an aerial greenway. There's pretty cool history behind this, so check it out: source.

And then there was this little event called the Super Bowl...

Half-time show hat

Although the Super Bowl was a pretty terrible game, we had an incredible time! 

Thank you to Sophos, a really rad software company!

I reviewed almost everything we did on Yelp. So you can check out my reviews here if you'd like: jflofashion.yelp.com