June 22, 2010

The journey to finding a Mexico outfit that’s cute for work…

Preface: This was supposed to be posted yesterday morning before the Mexico game started. Since I needed to be at work at the buttcrack of dawn, I figured I would have more than enough time to post some words and pics, HOWEVER, our email at work was down, therefore I had no access to my pictures. I’m posting my blog now, which could in fact be the reason that Mexico lost yesterday, because their good luck charm blogger was MIA. Nevertheless, ¡Viva México! I hope they destroy Argentina and put Messi on the sideline.

So, I went shopping with my most favorite Latina shopping buddy in the Whole World for my Mexico outfit, mind you, she cheers for Uruguay. But it’s ok, she didn’t get an Uruguay outfit, so I feel very confident at this point. I Googled and Googled trying to find if Mexico would be home or away so that I could match with their jerseys, but had no luck. So I opted for their away jersey look for work and their home jersey look to celebrate their victory after work!

We started out at Willowbend in A’Gaci, walked the store, but wasn’t feeling it. Next was Image, wish they had a website, but they don’t. They’re out of California and have cute stuff at amazing prices. What I love about this store is that they have a million designer look-a-like jeans all for $30 or less, and most of their items are more eclectic than say Forever 21. They had the perfect Mexico flag looking dress that was tie dyed look with red, green, white and brown. It was kind of big in the top, and I would have preferred black as opposed to the brown… plus it was $19.99 and as the bargain shopper that I am, that is not an acceptable price for an item that I’m not going to be able to wear often (as in outside of the World Cup). BUT, I did find something! I got a black Mexicali top that’s gauzy and has green, red and yellow embroidery in a seer-sucker at the top with tie spaghetti straps for $7.49. Yes, I do know my team, and yellow is not one of their colors, but green, red and black are and the shirt looks Mexican.

*My favorite Latina, who shall remain nameless because she supports the team that beat Mexico, got a whole bunch of stuff at Image that’s super cute! I’ll have to photograph her in the outfits.

The work-look consists of the Mexicali top, belted with a black and gold belt, black capris and my Mexicana choos (shoes).
Top- $7.49 @Image
Belt- Free from Forever 21 (got it with an outfit)
Capris- the tag says Papaya, they were prob around $10 like 4yrs ago… ha!
Shoes (or as we say in Spanglish… ‘choos’)- I got these @Ross forever ago, I think they were like $11.99

Obviously the game didn't work out in my favor... I'm saving my victory outfit for Sunday's gameday outfit. Si se Puede!!!

Back to sulking over my margarita... ;(

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