August 15, 2010

Just ASK!

After 3 long, grueling months, I got my ITALIAN BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!

I have waited 3 months for these puppies to go on sale. They first laid eyes on me at the Nordstrom Rack in Scottsdale, AZ. I had to tell them to quit looking at me because I'm too cheap to spend nearly $50 on a pair of gorgeous, comfortable Italian shoes. So, for the next 3 months, I scouted them out, until they disappeared at my Rack.

Sebastian loves them too, I raise my children to have great taste!

B.Flo was looking for a specific pair of MEK jeans that they didn't have in his size at our Rack, so we stopped at another Rack on our way home from church. I had to do what I always have done... Look for my Italian babies. Bc at this point I said to myself, "Ok self, if they're here, it's fate, and you have to buy them no matter what!" And there they were!!!!!!!

Being the awesome sales girl that I am, I took these up to the register, explained my sob story of moping around every Rack store on the planet for the last 3 months, and still no sale price. See my Hot PiNK circle? This confirms that they have been out since May (a crucial part to my story). She called up the shoe manager and said, "It doesn't hurt to ask him." To make a long story short, he pitied me- (actually he was about to file a harassment suit against me), and said "Just give her 35% OFF." WHAT?!?!?!?! It was actually very smart on his part, because, let's be honest, they've made $0 off this shoe for over 3 months, they really need to clear for more shelf space. It was also very smart on his part because BFlo was really laying it down =) I can see it in the newspaper now: "Nordstrom Rack shoe dept Mgr has a Nervous Breakdown after Being Harassed by 2 Professional Shoppers" (sounds scary).

This was THE BEST day of my weekend! So, I got my Italianos for $30.48 instead of $46.90.

Moral of the story is... It doesn't hurt to ask (the worst they can tell you is no).

On a completely different note... Should I be concerned that the Costco Samplers asked my husband where he's been and that they miss him? (WOW! haha!)

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