August 19, 2010

Summer LOViN'

First of all, I would like to congratulate Becky on her awesome shoe find! This Fashionista, is turning into a deal-finder! So watch out world, she'll be getting the same stuff as you at better prices!

I cannot believe that she found the same Italian brand that I previously purchased the other day! It's all about being at the right place at the right time people. Here are her GORGEOUS, and Comfy Italian sandals that she purchased at Marshall's for... get ready.... $16?! I'm SO Proud!!!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was looking for white shorts to wear in Miami. Well, even though it's 106 degrees here and the summer is far from over, all the retail venues are getting in their "Back to School" inventory which now means, Winter clothes. Since when does back to school in August mean you're looking for a wool sweater? Come on people! Maybe in Alaska, but certainly not in Texas.

Well, I've been on a Nordstrom Rack kick lately, because they're the only ones that still have summer clothes. Here are the shorts that I got for $15 (not the most amazing price, but after you wear them, they are the most amazing shorts, so totally worth it!)
I'm pretty sure that everything looks better with a Starbucks coffee in hand and the beach in the background. But here are the shorts up close-
Yes, I know what you're gonna say- these look like a cross between Yoga Shorts and Pregnant Shorts. I thought the same thing and was like "What the heck? I can't try those on!" But for one, they're junior shorts, you can see I got a size 5 for room in case they shrink in the wash. For two, they cover my butt, unlike most Hoochy Mama shorts they make for young women (don't get me started, it grosses me out). For three, these are the most comfortable shorts that I've ever owned in my ENTIRE life! I went back and got the dark denim ones too (I'm wearing those with my Guayabera). As you can see, they just look like regular cute shorts on.

Me and the MR.
Paired with my $10 Hot PiNK wedges.

What's your favorite Comfy Clothing Item?!

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  1. I saw a pair of white pants at Forever 21 that are the same style as your white shorts, you might need to grab a pair. ;-) -Carla P.