September 1, 2010


What's Shopping?! Oh yeah, I almost forgot because I haven't been in what seems like 3months! So... since I'm in Chicago on business, I think I'll take advantage of this 'Back to School' season and end of summer sales, and do some shopping. My #1 goal is to find some great deals, of course. I'm thinking H&M, Forever 21 and TJ Maxx for sure, and hopefully there will be more stops!

While glancing thru Forever's website to see if there's anything good that I need to keep an eye out for, I saw this:
If I EVER see any of YOU in this, I will puke all over your ugly plaid shirt!!! This is absolutely repulsive. If you would like to look like a homeless ragamuffin, please buy this outfit!

Onto more important topics.... Bristol Palin and "The Situation" on Dancing with the Stars?!

What's up with that? I'm not sure that DWTS's target audience even knows who or what "The Situation" is, and I think Bristol should just keep herself out of the media. But hey, if they wanted to pay me the G's, I guess that I would have to say yes too.

Who was your all-time favorite Dancing with the Stars celebrity thus far?!
Mine was Buzz Aldrin! What a sweet old man that landed on the moond!

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