February 16, 2011

Fashion for the Bedroom

So, for some reason, unknown to God and all of mankind, I was in Target until 10pm the other night. I wasn't really doing anything other than jacking around. Maybe I was reminiscing of my high school years when it was like the only thing we could do that was slightly moralistic and wholesome....

While I was there, I decided that I want the following items for our new master bedroom motif in the new house:
Picture for above the bed

Pillows for the bed

Lamp for the nightstand

DVD Player for the TV

And finally a remote that I can figure out!!!

Do you think BFlo will like it???


  1. I was in Target on Sunday for hours too! I could live in that store! Looks like you got some cool stuff :)

  2. I absolutely love the owl theme!!!! But I'm thinking only the pink DVD player will make it to your master bedroom. ;-)

  3. Sophia, I think you and I have the same problem :)
    And Carla, you're right, B would have assassinated me if I actually would have bought this.