February 7, 2011

Roughin' It

I know you're probably gonna want to punch me in the face after I say this, but 'roughing it' for me is not having a DVR. I know that there might be a few of you that are really sweet and might sympathize with me, because maybe you have an addiction to television too. But I know some might just show up on my door step with a bat in hand to give me a reality check. I know, I need one.

We are so blessed to be able to stay with a friend while our house is being built. Like, really blessed. Apartments around here don't do month to month leases, and if they do it's under a corporate housing rate which in at least $100 per day! I couldn't see an extended stay hotel working for us, one because we have two babies (aka, two bengal cats) that like to smack each other around, and two, because I've never had to go to a laundry mat before, and I would embarrass myself and those around me if I did end up at one because I'm so clueless about them.

The one thing we don't have... DVR. It's rough. All I got to watch was the rose ceremony of The Bachelor, I totally missed the rest of the episode! Guess I'll have to catch up on it @RealitySteve.com. We did watch our first episode of Pawn Stars live. It was a pretty good show actually! Learned a bit of history. Like how this lady's grandmother's mandolin was made in 1907 in Italy, perfect condition, original tortoise shell inlay and sold for $3500 so that she could gamble on her honeymoon. Bet her grandma would've been proud!

On another note, after working out Sunday morning, I kinda forgot about eating lunch. I didn't realize that my body was in starvation mode until I started yelling at BFlo for no reason at all. Poor thing had no idea what was happening, and I basically told him that he needed to jump out of the car while driving. Unfortunately, he didn't listen to me.
My new #1 Wife decal!

Do you get Grumpy when your blood sugar drops?
Any advice on how to avoid this problem?


  1. Hey,

    That is called Hypoglycemia. Some people get it and others dont. It doesnt have a cure (but can turn into further problems such as diabetes if not watched.) When you do experience low blood sugar you need to eat something with about 15g of carbs ASAP. It will take a few minutes for your body to process what you have consumed. The best way to avoid this is just do not miss meals because it can end up turning into further problems.

    anything below 70 mg/dL is not good for your body and can cause further problems.

    Hope this Helps!

    Colin has the same problem!!!


  2. Thanks girl! Yeah, I need to put snacks in the carro. I did plant some in my office yesterday. Thanks for the advice!

  3. Hooray for building a house! I love it so much because I love to design and decorate! Have fun with it :)