February 23, 2011

Wednesday was Buy a Bikini Day!

Apparently Monday was a national holiday that I clearly missed out on- Margarita Monday? Why didn't anyone tell me??? :( So I deemed Wednesday as Buy a Bikini Wednesday! If you didn't buy one, you totally missed out- haha!

So... I had a really terrible evening on Tuesday night. Like 4 bad things happened all at once, and it was just crappy timing. The cure? Retail therapy. I feel so much better now. It's amazing what a little retail therapy can do to clear the mind and rejuvenate the soul!

This is what I found:

Nice and Bright flowery Bikini- $10.99 @Ross

I love the ruffles! <3

I have serious junk in the trunk, no back side booty pics! 
Here is the much slimmer front side:
iPhone 3GS is so 2 yrs ago! I know, I need to upgrade...


A Max Studio dress-
This dress retails for $118
I got it @Ross for $16.99

That's 1/7th of the price people! That's like 86% off! 


Have you ever tried Retail Therapy?
It should be on my insurance plan!


  1. Oh how I wish I looked that phenomenal in a bikini...this girl's swimsuit clad milkshake scares the boys away from the yard LOL

  2. You looks so amazing in your suit! And it's really cute. I need to get a new one soon!!

  3. Looking good is a ton of hard work and discipline! I'm at the gym 7-10hrs per week and cook a healthy dinner every night. I'm far from my ideal image (my but is big), but am proud of my hard work. Thanks guys!