June 23, 2011

Con Ta Bai Mi Dushi?

That means "How are you my love?" in Papiamento, Aruba's native language. BFlo has been going around telling everyone that he speaks their language, uses his coin phrases and then starts laughing hysterically. They love him here! His favorite word, besides saying "this is mi dushi" and pointing at me, is "Danki," which means thank you. Saying thank you to someone in their language means the world to people.

Today was really eventful! We rented a car and drove all over the island. We saw some ruins- "Bushiribana is the name of the ruins of an old pirate castle that still stands (barely) today. The year 1824 was when they finally discovered gold near Bushiribana. In 1872, the Aruba Island Gold Mining Company built a large smelting works at Bushiribana, for gold that was being mined at Seroe Plat."

Then we saw the natural bridge. Half of it collapsed, but some is still there.

After that we drove to Baby Beach which is an awesome beach at the very south end of the island.

After we saw a kite-surfing competition, we headed back.

We finished the night off with a kalua coffee and cuban cigar :)

Bon Bini and Te Aworo!

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