June 19, 2011

Parasailing in Paradise

Quite the eventful Sunday, that's for sure. No dreading going to work on Monday for me, Yipee! We started out the day with breakfast, then beach, jet skis, lunch, then parasailing. We finished the evening with an incredible view followed by 'Sunset Paradise' (a tasty adult beverage) and a Cuban Cigar! This is the life.
My fresh and delicious southern Caribbean lunch- Snapper Ceviche y tostones

We couldn't take our camera to Jet Ski :( I meant to go buy one of those awesome, digital underwater cameras, but unfortunately I ran out of time last week, boo! Next time. 0And BFlo lost his sunglasses while jet skiing. Thank God they were only $6.99 @Ross, and not the $13.99 Armanis that I got him there. Two thumbs up!) But we DID take our camera up in the parasail, and I bet you can tell who was in possession of the camera...
BFlo was super proud of his self portrait.
This was an Amazing experience.

Even though a girl that was on the boat before us came off with a dramatic "I will NEVER do that again!!!" It wasn't too scary, although we did jerk around a bit (I think the driver went off daydreaming for a moment...) If you're scared of heights, it's prob not the best option for you.

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