June 24, 2011

Power to the Bundunkadunk

While I was in line waiting with a whole bunch of 7yr olds to go down the slide at the pool, my husband found a "Blogworthy" picture. I got out of the pool, he's laughing so hard, I ask what's so funny... He tells me "you're gonna be mad at me, but I have to show you this picture." Ready? You can't be, but here it is anyways...

Kim Kardashian- I found your twin!!! She's in Aruba!

I know, we're terrible people. I checked, and she's not blind. She fully knew what she looked like in her swimsuit before she stepped out in public. So as far as we're concerned, she asked for it! ;)

Butt floss should be illegal!


  1. Whatever... good for her for rocking what she wanted to wear. No matter what she looked like, she clearly felt hot in it.

  2. WOW, that's a booty!! :) Kim K.'s gots some competition! and YES "butt floss should be illegal!!" floss should be for su dentes!!

  3. I love it, so sexy!!!! thats a real woman right there, so sick of skin and bones.

  4. I want to stick my face between those things

  5. He took the pic because he liked what he saw, not for a laugh. That's a great looking ass and that's why she knows what she's doing. If she was my wife she would be wearing those skimpy thong bikinis all the time. Good for her!