July 26, 2011

60 Degrees???

I made it to Cali! Landed in San Jose, staying in Cupertino and ate dinner in Saratoga. I went from a 104 degrees in Dallas to 60 degrees in Cali. How crazy is that? It's like a shock to the body, but in a good way! I never thought that San Jose/Silicon Valley would be so pretty, but it really is! The weather, the trees, the mountains, the price of housing... Oops, forget the last comment. It's gorgeous to visit, but just couldn't bring myself to pay 5 times more $$$ for the cost of living.

Dinner: The Basin in Saratoga, CA. For starts, Saratoga is SO cute! I loved it!!! It's a very quaint town with only 30,000 people. To learn more about Saratoga, click here. The Basin is a Spanish inspired, organic, no hormone restaurant with gluten free options. It was really yummy, local produce, fish and meat. I typically don't drink wine, I'm more of a sangria/martini/margarita kind of girl, but they served an awesome Spanish wine that I actually enjoyed. I had a stuffed heirloom tomato as an appetizer, and seared ahi tuna with pistachio basmati rice and arugula salad- Awesome stuff! And very fresh!

Tomorrow I'm taking my customers to our first Apple EBC and am so EXCITED!!! I'm wearing this top:

It wasn't the best deal, but professional.

With a Jacket similar to this, but that I got for $21 at a store called Image.

 I have black slacks and will pair it with these shoes (Yep, I decided!)

Have you ever been to or even heard of Saratoga, CA?

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