August 7, 2011

Summer Soul Surfer Outfit

We watched Soul Surfer last night in preparation for an upcoming series at our church, "Shark Weak." Bethany Hamilton will be a guest speaker, and I'm super excited to see her and hear her speak. After watching the movie Soul Surfer, and learning about Bethany's entire incident and how she learned through it, became a better person for it, and allowed God to use her to impact the lives of others, I was left inspired and wanting to watch it again! What an Amazing testimony!

I've actually been wanting to see Soul Surfer for quite some time. Maybe because I think I was a surfer girl in another life... I have a Hot PiNK Roxy sticker on the back of my car, and if there was an ocean around, I would have a PiNK board mounted on top of my car to make me look more the surfer part. But since I live in Dallas where it's currently 110 degrees with lakes that are drying up, I'll just stick with my cute, surfer wanna-be decal. Bethany is such gifted individual! How awesome would it be to get surfing lessons from her?

Since I have no ocean close by to practice my surfing, I've put together a surfing outfit instead :)

Skirt, Tank, Bandeau, Sandals, Black Bracelet, Turquoise Bracelet, Earrings

I've actually tried the skirt on, and it's super-cute! I didn't get it because I couldn't find a matching tank, so I'm thinking I should probably just purchase this all online. And every surfer-girl wears a swim top under their shirts instead of a bra (at least that's what they do in Soul Surfer and Blue Crush).

To learn more about Shark Weak, check out this website along with the video on there:

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