February 25, 2012

Bright Accessories!

I am totally obsessed with BRiGHT colors! I love them, they make me smile really big and give me a confident, happy feeling. Last weekend I found myself several spring/summer accessories that made me very excited!

Let's kick it off with skinny belts. Skinny belts are super-popular this season, and can definitely make any outfit. Skinny belts are also very comfortable for people with growing humans in there belly. I not only copycat-ed my whole chalkboard "idea" from this blog (clearly someone had the awesome idea before me), but I'm also going to steal her style! Her skinny-belt, prego fashion is so adorable! Her blog: http://littlebabygarvin.blogspot.com/

My Skinny-Belt finds--->

$1.50 @Forever21

$3.80 @Forever21

$3.50 @Forever21

PiNK Accessories--->

$5.80 @Forever21

$1.50 @Forever21

FiNALLY found my first Fedora!!!

$10.80 @Forever21

 Do you have Spring Fever too?!
I can't WAiT for warmer weather! :)

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